Don’t Delay! Prepare for CMS PA & Burden-Reduction Rule Now

The prior authorization process has long been a thorn in the proverbial side of healthcare. Providers, payers, and patients (perhaps most of all) have come to regard this...

Health IT Stakeholder Can Accomplish So Much by Doing a Little More Than Checking the Regulatory Box

I sometimes imagine ways our journey to true interoperability could be expedited. I’m not espousing there is some magical pill that will solve all our woes in healthcare, but what...

Expanding the Use of FHIR with Healthcare Questionnaires & Calculators

The healthcare industry is rapidly moving forward with the electronic collection and exchange of data among providers, payers and patients. Propelled by federal requirements,...

Social Determinants of Health: Where Medicine, Behavior, Genetics and IT Meet Reality

By Ken Kleinberg, Point-of-Care Partners, Practice Lead, Innovative Technologies

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