Value based care

Health IT Stakeholder Can Accomplish So Much by Doing a Little More Than Checking the Regulatory Box

I sometimes imagine ways our journey to true interoperability could be expedited. I’m not espousing there is some magical pill that will solve all our woes in healthcare, but what...

Standards and Technology Supports the Growing Role of Pharmacists in the Care Team and the Shift to Value-Based Agreements

For a host of good reasons, the role of the pharmacist continues to expand in healthcare. Pharmacist have long been highly trusted by patients and as recent as January 18, 2022,...

Stakeholders Leveraging New Data Platforms to Better Use Newly Available Data

While health data is certainly not yet achieved commodity status, our ability to unlock clinical data across a patient’s care continuum are becoming a reality. Healthcare...

Da Vinci Project Poised for Accelerated Growth in Second Year

By Jocelyn Keegan, Point-of-Care Partners Payer Practice Lead and Da Vinci Program Manager

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